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Cameo DVC PRO 1024-Channel USB to DMX-Interface with WiFi Access and Control Software

Cameo DVC PRO 1024-Channel USB to DMX-Interface with WiFi Access and Control Software

3.324,00 kr. Inkl. moms

1024-Channel USB to DMX-Interface with WiFi Access and Control Software

  • USB interface with 1024 DMX channels in live mode (extendable via ArtNet)
  • Integrated Flash memory for 256 DMX channels in standalone mode (extendable to up to 1024 channels)
  • User-friendly, intuitive Cameo DMX software “by Daslight” for Windows and Max OS available for free download
  • Internet connection required for hardware registration and software activation
  • Over 15,000 device libraries and a built-in ScanLibrary editor for creating and editing your own device profiles
  • Powerful XEEL engine for hundreds of impressive pixel and video effects and movements for moving heads and scanners
  • Touchscreen control plus remote control of essential features via iOS and Android smartphones and tablets or MIDI controller
  • Built-in access point for remote control via Wi-Fi in standalone mode
  • Audio analyser and MIDI clock for synchronising lightshow and music speed
  • Real-time programming and 3D visualisation of lightshow
  • Compatible with Light Raider app on Android and iOS devices (free 30-day trial version available for download)
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Specifikationer og beskrivelse

Product type USB to DMX Interface
Live channels 1024 channels (expandable via ArtNet)
Stand Alone channels 256 channels (expandable up to 1024 channels)
Software Mode full Cameo D4 / full Daslight D4
Inputs USB-C
Outputs 2 x XLR 3 pin female
Memory 120 K
Dry contact ports 8
Operating voltage 5 V USB bus powered
Width 78 mm
Height 27 mm
Depth 88 mm
Accessories (included) USB to USB-C
Weight 0,193 kg

DMX-compatible light units can be conveniently operated via PC and Mac with the Cameo DVC PRO Interface and associated Cameo software (powered by Daslight). Used in live mode, the plug-and-play interface provides 1024 DMX channels. When used in standalone mode without a computer, it offers 256 channels (extendable to up to 1024 channels) and programmed lightshows can be copied to the integrated Flash memory. The interface features a USB-C port for input and two 3-pin XLR outputs. It is supplied with power via the computer's USB output. Three buttons facilitate programme selection and dimming in standalone mode. This requires a standard retail 5 V USB power adapter.

The free Cameo software package contains over 15,000 device libraries and a ScanLibrary editor for creating and editing your own device profiles. Individual DMX devices can be selected, placed in groups and added to a 2D view of the lightshow. Dynamic scenes can be created, arranged and placed over each other. The palette feature facilitates light control without fader movements, and the XEEL engine creates hundreds of wide-ranging, exciting pixel and video effects.

The software includes a comprehensive toolbox for live editing, an audio analyser, a MIDI clock for synchronising light and music speed, and 3D visualisation of the programmed lightshow in real time. The screen layout is fully customisable to individual needs, and the free Easy Remote Pro app facilitates remote control with iOS and Android devices. DVC PRO's built-in Wi-Fi access point means that no external peripherals are needed.

After successful registration at https://store.dmxsoft.com/, hardware and software upgrades (fees may apply) are available. These include upgrades for the standalone and live channels, as well as temporary and unlimited licences from Light Rider, and much more.

The DVC PRO interface and free software have been specially developed for Cameo by Daslight. Please refer technical queries to SUPPORT@DASLIGHT.COM.

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