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RIGPORT RPL-16S MK2 Power Distributor

RIGPORT RPL-16S MK2 Power Distributor

1.426,00 kr. Inkl. moms

Rigport CEE line

  • CEE In + Out, 3 x safety plug
  • Technical specifications: 1.5 mm², 3 x 16 A, 400 g
  • For more robust ground applications
  • Black CEE connectors for unobtrusive use (e.g. stage, active PA system)
  • Processibility of existing cables
  • Designed for use in flexible rig/theater/fair
  • Extremely small – less than 50 mm so that it does not exceed the trusspipe – invisible use in theaters, moving trusses, fair
  • Easy installation compared with conventional wiring
  • Various mounting options for safety, standard coupler, RPL clamp or pipe clamps
  • Strain relief
  • International use
  • If an error occurs very quickly interchangeable
  • A separate system for each application (1 phase, 3 phases 16 A or 40 A)
  • Individual ports in the main line are easily replaceable, e.g. against ports within function as dimmers, switch, motor controllers, DMX splitters
  • Made in Europe
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Specifikationer og beskrivelse

Power connection: Mains input CEE 16A 5-pol (M) recessed mounting
Power output: 3 x Safety contact (F), hinged lid mounting version
1 x CEE 16A 5-pol (F) recessed mounting
Weight: 1,55 kg

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